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COVID-19 Life Insurance Carrier Reference Guide

Get our helpful guide and learn about key updates from over a dozen top life insurance carriers. See who has changed their processes to help accommodate you and get your clients the coverage they need.

Access Your COVID-19 Reference Guide

Think there aren’t life insurance opportunities right now? This reference guide is for you!

Learn the specific Covid-19 related changes to three key areas of business:

  • • E-Applications: Find out who has updated their processes to make remote applications a snap.

  • • New Business Processes: See what's changed as far as record procurement, timelines, medical exams and delivery requirements.

  • • Underwriting: Discover how underwriters are using the latest technology to get the answers they need.

You will also gain instant access to an educational video from Al Stockwell, MBA, FLMI; Life Marketing Director for Simplicity Des Moines, who shares deep insight into how to find new life insurance sales in today's environment.


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