The All-in-One IUL Every Agent Needs in Their Tool Belt

Add this powerful, versatile IUL that provides death benefit protection, tax-deferred accumulation potential, and flexible options that adapt as your clients’ needs change. With term-life riders that are perfect for business owners and aggressive accumulation desired by baby-boomers, this is an all-in-one IUL product that every advisor should have!

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Here are the attractive features you can offer your clients:

  • Elite protection; tax-free death benefits that provides affordable coverage
  • Elite accumulation; tax-deferred accumulation with a year one interest bonus
  • Elite Flexibility; Income-tax-free loans and withdrawals to help supplement income, fund college, or cover life’s unexpected emergencies
  • Issues to age 80
  • A+ Carrier
  • Great for “key-man”, “buy-sell”, or “ensuring liquidity”
  • Competitive agent compensation

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