Ten ELEVEN Tips to Make Contracting a Breeze

  1. Have proof of your current E & O and AML ready to send over before you start the contracting process.
  2. Complete the product training ASAP. Oftentimes you can do product training right after you submit your contracting request.
  3. Keep an eye on your email inbox for a message from a company called Surance Bay. You need to read through that email, then click the confirmation button in order for your contracting to proceed.
  4. Prepare written statements and documents in advance for any potential delays such as bankruptcy, outstanding judgments, etc. That way, if the carrier does request details, the contracting process is not delayed while you prepare the information they request. And be honest; carriers understand situations arise, and being upfront about less than stellar issues makes the process a lot easier.
  5. Be sure you are licensed in the states where you want to be contracted.
  6. Similarly, be sure you are requesting to be contracted in the states where you want to sell.
  7. Let us know if you plan to write business right away. Some states require contracting to be completed first, whereas some carriers require new business with their contracting requests.
  8. Verify your current address is on file with LIMRA, Surance Bay, E & O, the carrier, etc. If you have had an address change, please let us know the old address and when it was changed.
  9. Don’t request to contract with more carriers than you are truly ready to work with. Carriers are becoming more diligent about canceling contracts due to non-production. It is much faster to add a carrier later than to try to reinstate a canceled contract.
  10. If you have another contract number via a different IMO, please let us know. That way we can ensure your new business gets routed to the correct hierarchy and get releases if needed.
  11. BONUS 11th TIP: If you have questions, ask us! We have full-service contracting and marketing departments, both of whom can answer your contracting questions. If we don’t immediately have the answer, we will find the answer for you. Our customer service has been recognized by national carriers, and goes far beyond the initial sale. Come find out why Davis Life & Annuity really is your partner for life.